Andrew j morley dating

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Andrew j morley dating

The pair portrayed on-screen lovers, and within months, their love affair had spilled over into a real-life relationship.

Kassandra, who played Christina in US comedy-drama 'Single Ladies', and starred alongside Christian Slater in Hatfields & Mccoys: Bad Blood, revealed that the pair are initially reluctant to accept Roo's help.

today, taking on the role of a mysterious character known only as John Doe.

The new arrival is only on our screens for a matter of moments before he's caught up in the explosion disaster at Lassiters Hotel, which leaves him suffering from amnesia in the aftermath.' biggest mystery over the coming months will be who on earth 'John Doe' actually is, so Digital Spy recently caught up with Andrew in the hope of getting some early clues... How did you feel about making your debut in this huge week for ?

There are some incidents that scare the hell out of you, but you stay fully composed because you know we do this in training."Of course when it comes to bushfires, we've had a pretty bad season this year. Fire is bloody dangerous and there are times that you're just trusting other people around you.

star Andrew Morley has admitted that he has no intention of using the show as a launchpad to Hollywood.

"I was quite, I guess, surprised with how friendly they were.

"It can be challenging - especially if you're up at 6.30am in the morning and you're getting woken up at 2am for a fire or a car accident.

You do need to prioritise work first, but it's one of those things that I do because I love working in the community.

I did that too many times over the years - getting up at 3.30am and arriving home after 7pm or 8pm.

It really kills you, so I'm really happy that it's all confined in a really efficient lot with location and the studio in one area."What can we expect from your character?

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It's really good."Will he be a good guy or a villain? It just depends how the characters interact later on, once they actually find out who he is.