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Hidden in downtown Kingston, this gem offers up some fantastic live music for you and your date to enjoy while sipping on your mugs of coffee and glasses of whiskey.Why it'll get you a second date: The intriguing combination of whiskey bar and coffee shop already takes this date to the next level, but what keeps it there is the ambience.Seeing each other sweaty and out of breath is an intimate experience. Also, asking anyone to do this is just plain rude, because if we have to say yes to avoid seeming lazy/revealing we haven’t jogged since that one time when we did a fun run at age five. Lumped together, because they are all equally unimpressive. Don’t take them to a place filled with sticky-handed toddlers, where they can get a meal for £2 that leaves them hungry an hour later. Otherwise one of you will be walking home empty-handed and feeling a bit dejected, as the other one rambles about how they’re going to make a nice ratatouille when they get back. Or you have a friend who’s willing to lend you their puggle. If there’s a puppy to play with, you’ve won the dating game. Plus, you get to weed out people you do NOT want to date based on their reaction to small dogs. Because some date locations are entirely inappropriate, and no good dates can happen there. Or like a date a 14-year-old boy would invite you on, because they don’t have money or an Oystercard and their parents won’t let them have girls round. It’s going to be cold, wet, and you’ll end up with sand in your shoes for the next three weeks. I mean, it’s cool to learn about what they enjoy, but this is a strange balance of much too intense and incredibly self-centred. They also want to let you know early on that they’re intense, prone to dramatic gestures, and quite possibly a bit insane. But you don’t get to talk to each other for a good two hours of your ‘date’. You don’t know each other well enough to pick a movie you’ll both like, there’s the chance you’ll aggressively disagree on the film’s greatness, and you’re forced to expose your irritatingly loud chewing or inability to stay silent through the trailers within the first 24 hours of your new relationship. It also seems like you just want to get sloshed, and as fun as that may be, it’s usually best to remember the date the next day if you’re in search of a lasting relationship.

Being a legitimate brewery not only makes gives it an A-list cool level, but it also means you'll get to enjoy some great beer like Uncharted IPA and Windward Belgian Wheat. For those who has no idea what the most entertaining bar in the 613 is, all you need to know is in the name.A fusion of a bar and arcade room won't only provide you with a unique bonding experience, but it'll ALWAYS give you some kind of conversation starter. Just say your super into Pac-Man and you won't leave until you beat the World Record. There are no awkward moments, because you’re distracted by puppies. You both get the shared joy of playing with puppies.

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This small craft brewery not only offers a laid back yet hip atmosphere for you and your date, but it's also a tap room, bottle shop and brew house.