Comic con speed dating tv show

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Comic con speed dating tv show

Kelleher added that the costumes are often revealing of partners' personalities.

"People are more than just the characters they dress up as," he said.

You chat with someone for three minutes before moving to the next costumed, self-proclaimed geek in the queue.

Many Comic Con attendees dress like their favorite comic book, video game, anime, sci-fi, movies, and TV characters to celebrate their fandom — a ritual called cosplay.

(Click here for further explanation.) pin over her heart, and black collar suggested that she belonged to the Starfleet Corps of Engineers, of the "Star Trek" universe.

Part-time Jedi Master, part-time matchmaker Ryan Glitch hosted eight Sci-Fi Speed Dating sessions (two of which were LGBT-only events) at NYCC.

Glitch founded the company four years ago after attending a similar, but poorly run speed dating event.

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Here, they break out of their shells and find they're not alone, even in a room of single people.