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NOTE: Many of the files created by the Department of Aborigines and Fisheries and its successor agencies are restricted access records.

The SRO has a responsibility to preserve and make accessible this documentary heritage in all its forms to support various types of research, and to reveal the actions of the past that have impacted on Western Australia’s Aboriginal communities, families and individuals.Many of these records are now held by the State Records Office.The records relating to Aboriginal people held by the State Records Office are an important source of information for those interested in tracing their family history, as well as being a valuable historical resource.References to Aboriginal people mentioned in the CSO records have been partially indexed through the Bicentennial Dictionary project (see below).Please note that the CSO continued to receive correspondence relating to Aboriginal affairs beyond 1886, as many Aboriginal related matters were referred for the Colonial Secretary's consideration by the responsible Department.

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Persons appointed as Protectors included Resident Magistrates, Wardens, Inspectors of Police, Justices of the Peace and in some cases minsters of religion.

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