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Dating poem relationship

Special acquisitions provide decades of enjoyment when cared for in a respectful way, adding to their value and reverence for future generations.And finally, practicing respect for the natural world is essential for the continuance of life on Earth. The purity of the air, the land and the waters must be sustained.You’ve been downgraded- your spirit pushed deeper into the toxic muck.Your bright joyous bounce has been battered into a slow-lapping sludge.Respect is a universally beneficial word to practice, to hold onto and to give away.

Even my mind seems to be dictated by my own body's sensations. My hand hesitates to make contact with even ones I love. Click HERE to listen to "Tie a Knot" Your days drag into night All filled with doubt You’re in way too deep Can’t find your way out This doesn’t seem what life should mean Where did it all go wrong Something inside of you makes you hang on You just don’t know for how long I know where you’re at my friend I’ve walked in your shoes Please believe in what I have to say Life is the only choice you need To get you through this day So when your days are filled with darkness And your nights caught up in fear Please hang on with all you’ve got To this life we hold so dear Look to the simpler things And clear your mind Solve your troubles one by one And peace you’ll find When you feel you’ve come to the end of your rope Tie a knot and hang on Better days will surface soon Just tie a knot and hang on Respect is an essential word.Self-respect creates a set of personal guidelines that help you to make solid decisions, conduct yourself honorably, and present yourself with poise and confidence. It enables you to keep an open mind to alternate ideas and opinions.I pass by your obscured, damaged loveliness and wonder why you’re hiding – downcast – faint traces of bruises mar your haggard visage. You remain broken, ashamed and abandoned while Man has moved on to abuse other watery bodies.For years you’ve suffered slights, insults and mockery.

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cause i don't know we're standing on a tight rope just waiting to fall again, fall again, fall again i look into your eyes so filled with love not a trace of the hate I've seen before but it won't last you're a ticking time bomb just waiting to blow.

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