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It’s so cute when she throws in some English words and Nadech helps her translate to Thai. The fans scream, I scream, well maybe not scream, but totally beaming like an idiot.

Yaya says that she’s most bashful in this lakorn (moreso than in DJA.) Because they are virtual strangers and she has to essentially throw herself at him a lot. The host wonders if her first sighting of Nadech is similar to love at first sight.

Her popularity stems from various facts, one being that she is sweet, caring and down to earth to everyone she encounters whether it's her fans, producers, co-stars, directors, fashion designers etc. Also this (news) will be damaging to Nong 8767 s reputation too.

On September 16, Lola Nidora gave Alden and Yaya Dub a surprise.She handed Yaya 4 cupcakes with the letters T, D, A and E.After a lot of teasing and jumbling up the letters, Nidora and her sisters, Tinidora and Tidora, spelled out the word, "DATE." Lola Nidora officially allowed the two to go on their first date, much to the tandem's fans' happiness.Paano na kaya ang forever nila ni Alden ngayong dumating na ang gusto ni Donya Babah para sa kanyang apo? Yaya and the lolas were shocked, and Alden denied this.#Al Dub #Kalyeserye Posted by Eat Bulaga on Monday, November 16, 2015 Meanwhile, Alden continued to calm Yaya down, saying that he liked her and not Cindy. When Alden told Cindy to retract what she said, Cindy stood by it, saying Lola Babah promised her.

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