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Since the app only works within its own network — meaning that it only works with content sent using the app, to other Sess Me users — users are urged to spread the word, so that everyone they chat and send photos and videos to will use the app and be a lot safer online.“We came out with this on Tuesday, and already it’s making a big splash on the web.Thus, even users who receive the content can be blocked from viewing it, unless the sender explicitly permits it.Like other content on the Sess Me network, encrypted data can be deleted down the line as well.It’s available in 21 languages, for Android and i OS, and it’s free.” the company said.“Obviously the more people that download and install it, the more effective it will be.There’s good news for those whose trigger finger – the one used to send out messages and photos on smart devices – is a little too itchy.A new Israeli-developed app called Sess Me lets users take action – besides cry – after they’ve sent out something they wish they hadn’t.

The last three years we saw our sponsorship of rugby going from strength to strength.Some would argue that shoes make or break an outfit, so when it comes to completing your New Year's Eve look, picking the right pair can mean the difference between an unforgettable outfit and an average one.The right heels have the power to totally transform your look. Wear it with sandals and you'll channel casual, 'the girl next door' kind of vibes.“Any photo, video or conversation sent to others using the app can be deleted as far down the line as a sender wants, providing the recipients are using the app as well – just like in Whats App.Another security measure we’ve added is that recipients cannot take screenshots or download the images to their devices for storage, unless the sender specifically allows them.

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The relationship we have enjoyed made us want to come again for another three more years and the memorandum of understanding we are signing indicates our commitment to sports development.”“I am delighted with the gesture from Dairiboard of renewing the sponsorship Dairiboard Schools Rugby Festival as it is essential in developing our rugby in the country.