Error occured validating the name

Posted by / 22-Jul-2017 01:24

Boto3 threw an error saying: The problem was that I had an underscore "_" in my bucket name in zappa_Once I removed that underscore it worked fine. My app was the "hello world" code from Flask's main page, and so I expected it to deploy correctly.Firstly you need to identify two hot spots in your code.These are the places where you'll be adding the re CAPTCHA calls.

If the form can display an error message search for the text of the error message within the code and you're sure to be close. If there's currently no validation logic for your form -- if clicking on submit always succeeds -- then you have a more tricky problem.look also at the end of your file: _columns is ordr_id or order_id for Maniganda: line_ids is there !!! So I removed the complete module and is reworking on the code now.There is nothing in the error log other than the line " Validate Error Error occurred while validating the field(s) arch: Invalid XML for View Architecture! The error is shown inside a box which appears when I click Install. As I am not that well aware of python coding,if somebody suggest me the changes to be made in the code files please,it would be a great favour. My requirement is I want to add a grid structire under the form with two columns date and status.If re CAPTCHA was working and you suddenly start getting "An internal error occurred", did you recently delete the Google account that you used to sign up for the keys?If so, register for new keys with an active account and try those. In re CAPTCHA we use an advanced risk analysis engine to determine whether the incoming request is from a human or not.

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