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Now that the dark days of being tied in front of a limited television set, to a set of TV channels, having to rent video cassettes (remember them?

Others include emotional memories, which evoke strong emotional responses, and prospective memory, which helps you remember to get to your doctor’s appointment at a certain time or do the laundry on a certain day.It’s not uncommon to have basic, everyday problems of forgetfulness. What was the name of that restaurant someone recommended? When these problems occur, your neurons are usually firing, trying to pull up the memory, but the receptors aren’t connecting for you.Of course, brain injuries and neurodegenerative diseases like Huntington’s Disease and Alzheimer’s can cause long term memory problems.A stroke patient, for instance, may forget things that happened in the past ten years but remember things well before that, or he may forget how to use a pencil but remember how to play a guitar.Long term memory is certainly an interesting part of being human.

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These memories help you use a pencil or drive a car.

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