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Kings of leon singer dating actress

Not wanting to be seen as some cheesy brother duo, they gave their little brother, Jared, a bass guitar and brought in their cousin Matt to play lead guitar.Without the guitars, no one is going to compare you to the Strokes, which was, for better or for worse, a crucial ingredient in their rise..

“Joe and Sophie arrived together before the show started,” she said.

Paste wrote, "The band’s brand as the Southern Strokes is surprisingly accurate citing the cutesy lead guitar riffs, simple punchy drums and dirty vocals that beg for a punch-drunk sing-along." It's not clear who started the comparison, but we're going to wager that it was a publicist.

It's just easier to pitch the "Southern Strokes" than "a bunch of bearded, super-young nobodies with guitars, tight jeans, and Southern accents." Whoever came up with the nickname, it stuck — and it worked.

Aficionados may differ over the calibre of Kings Of Leon’s music: where some hear only meat and veg stodge, others are thrilled by their appropriation of the tropes of classic rock.

What is widely agreed is that the Nashville quartet’s live performances have often suffered from a jolting lack of stage presence.

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That energy has carried through to their live shows.

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