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Makiyo and show luo dating

Rebecca’s Instagram has recently been occupied by another familiar face in the industry – Ian Fang, who calls her BGB.

Rebecca emphasised, “At this juncture, Ian is a really, really good friend of mine”.

Rumoured girlfriend Eugenie is also said to have called things off with him due to his intention to terminate his contract.

While there have been no concrete developments from this pair, there may be still hope yet as they were spotted at a gathering last week.

Countless endorsements, job offers and recognition followed suit – and his buddy Darren Wang was beside him all the way.

Later on, Christine Fan, Mavis Fan and Makiyo joined the group, which was affectionately dubbed the seven fairies.

The group’s members all had distinctive personalities but called themselves “harmonious friends that don’t ever argue” and were often seen out and about together.

When Dee had her highly publicised falling out with ex-beau Mickey Huang, the other six girls rallied behind her to show their support.

This year alone, our little red dot’s Rebecca Lim and Desmond Tan made known that they are no longer BFFs.

Taiwanese stars Kai Ko and Darren Wang have also gone through a highly publicised spat despite being bosom pals for over a decade, said to have happened after the latter shot to fame due to his role in , following which he skyrocketed to the top of the food chain.

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" Kai Ko & Darren Wang These days, however…Kai and Darren are said to have recently fallen out over the latter’s decision to leave the company due to concerns that her negative reputation will hinder his entry into the Chinese market.

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