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Mandating the

When the module is loaded, the values for the symbols used by the module are compared with the ones in the kernel.If the values match, the module is loaded; otherwise the load fails.Today, So C kernels are treated similar to the common kernel; they are also heavily replicated in board–specific repos.This distribution model causes them to be fixed differently for the same bug in each branch, delaying future updates to the kernel due to cherry–picking at different times or fixing the same bug differently.Android does not require runtime updates of DT blobs from user space, but instead recommends that vendors add the device tree patching in the bootloader with the help of .

In Android 8.0, to make module loading from these partitions possible, provisions have been made to mount partitions early for both non-A/B and A/B devices.

The Android build defines the variable provides a workaround by detecting breakages in the ABI.

This feature calculates a Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) value for the prototype of each exported symbol in the kernel and stores the values as part of the kernel; for symbols used by a kernel module, the values are also stored in the kernel module.

As Android has no specific requirements for how to build/store DT blobs (which is considered as part of the So C kernel), the DT blob can be appended to the kernel or stored in a separate partition.

The only assumption is that the bootloader already knows how and where to load the DT blob from.

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This page provides details on requirements for: All So C kernels should support loadable kernel modules.

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