Speed dating clapham firefly

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Speed dating clapham firefly

'Matthewlowry: 'Friend got so drunk she fell asleep on the loo for 20m then couldn't find table again. " Him: "Well, I really want kids and at 32, your ovaries are dying.'Dobster1878: 'another sat down and told me he really only dated black woman.

Date had to stand and wave across restaurant.'Elle_c_emm: 'I am living proof, after one date, that the line "i can't see you any more, i'm becoming a priest" is still in modern use.'Kristainchicago: 'First date. It wasn't a blind date either.'Eirlysberlin: 'I went on a blind date wearing a bright pink blazer & jeans. 'we won't have starters and we'll drink tap water'.' Amsterdammed: 'The pilot said he was married but flew to amsterdam sometimes and was interested in me because I was "Geographically convenient".'Jimmyshakes101: 'On way to tube after a date, girl said "wait a sec", urinated on someone's driveway & walked away telling me to "hurry up".'Timlusher: 'Journo mate had dinner date during a week wearing size 20 fatsuit. He appeared not to notice.'Mrelizabeth B: 'Went on a date with a colleague's brother who didn't believe a kiwi was also a bird.

Long-time regulars have their favourites such as chilli ramen with chicken, yaki soba & katsu curry, but some of the newer or more innovative dishes also deserve a look in.

Duck gyoza with spicy cherry hoisin, tender glazed pork ribs & firecracker prawns add variety to an otherwise rather predictable dining experience, & there’s a brief selection of beer, wine & saké to keep thirsty noodle-slurpers interested.

Free, prebook by email, 6pm FOODIES: Telegraph food writer and cook Xanthe Clay and chef Dhruv Baker are at Stanfords in Covent Garden for the launch of Baker’s new book, Spice, which has savvy advice on how to use the contents of those jars that hide at the back of most people’s kitchen cupboards.

£3, prebook, 6.30pm POETRY FILMS: Four Minute Movies is an open mic filming session for poets, storytellers and comedians at Poetry Café in Covent Garden.

ART: Take a look at our July art events listing and find art openings happening this month.

It's impossible to imagine how a person's life would be affected from acid thrown on their faces and bodies, largely due to petty fallings out.

It's not just about the best composed or aesthetically pleasing photographs; the selection here focuses on the varying themes and narratives photography can embody.

We see the aftermath of an ultra-violent underground wrestling match in Mexico, monkeys being experimented on in a lab and the strange and intimate relationship a man has with a sex doll.

Years later saw her on TV makeover show, saying sadly she'd only been on 1 date in her life.'Davis2908: 'I had one who pretended he was a widow having lost his wife to cancer!

when I became suspicious he said "she's not dead *exactly*"?!

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Explore this piece of London's heritage, including its splendid gardens — meeting point at the museum before the tour starts.

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