Stop sacred 2 from updating

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Stop sacred 2 from updating

For the most part, the classes are your basic combinations of ranged vs. The Temple Guardian is a bizarre humanoid-cyborg-dog with a laser gun that can also hold his own in melee combat.

The Shadow Warrior has few ranged attacks and relies on his weapon for close-combat.

I understand why Microsoft is doing it: their phone business is in disarray, Play Station 4 has put Xbox One in the doldrums and Apple increasingly controls the portable computing conversation, so MS really need a big win.

Said win being a Windows 10 install base in the high millions within less than a year.

Leave your PC on while you go to walk the dog, have a shower or become embroiled in an argument with your partner about why you never do the damn washing up and you might return to find it halfway through the installation of a new operating system.

But that appears to be precisely what they’re doing.For someone less PC-savvy who just clicked the Upgrade button and trusted all will be well, that stuff’s a frightening mountain.In some cases, people have reported that their hard drive RAID arrays are no longer recognised, or come back to a completely bricked machine.That 15-minute warning/opt-out prompt usually steals focus from whatever you’re doing, by the way, but every once in a while it might be not be able to minimise a game, you might click away by mistake or a bunch of other things which mean you simply don’t see it.And then bam, a sudden restart and Windows 10 starts installing. while Microsoft might argue everyone gets fair warning and the chance to decline the upgrade, the reality is that this can go wrong.

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This Reddit thread contains many tales of woe and outrage, as well as a few extra fixes to try and stop this from happening to your PC.