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Three voice cam no sign up no registration

The Ring videos ARE 'sized' to 1080p HD size (1920×1080), but the quality of the resulting videos are NOT HD (the bitrate is too low / compression is too high).Here is an example of the very poor quality I see -- notice the significant 'blocking' and ghosting (blue jeans leaves a blue trail): A great comparison: Watch this You Tube video fullscreen on a large 1080p HDTV (not your phone) -- but set the You Tube video quality to 144p, and that is around the video quality I got from my Ring Floodlight Cam!The speeds at each house (down/up) are: 120Mbps/6Mbps, 75Mbps/6Mbps, 75Mbps/6Mbps.I have been testing Internet speeds at each location a lot lately, and I never obtained a bad result. In all cases, both speed tests results are great (show 6 Mbps upload speeds), but the Ring Cam video is poor quality.So he changed it from 'auto' to '1080p' and the bitrate of videos increased immediately, but only slightly.A slight jump in bitrate: Now 63 second MP4's from the Ring Floodlight Cam were around 8.4 MB (or 1118 kbps).

My Test Procedure: (1) Make sure no one else is using the Internet. ISSUE: Ring's reliance on 2.4 GHz wifi ONLY was a mistake: The Ring product should have been dual band -- also supporting 5 GHz.How YOU can calculate Ring MP4 bitrates: Download a Ring video, multiply the file size (in bytes) by 8 and divide that by the number of seconds in the video to obtain 'bps'. When I contacted Ring support about the poor video quality, they blamed wifi RSSI for the poor video quality and asked for the RSSI (wifi Received Signal Strength Indicator) value in the "device health" screen, and stated However, a RSSI of -44 d Bm means a signal strength of 100% (5 out of 5 bars) -- it is not realistic for Ring support to ask for this.To get -44 d Bm, I needed to be within 10 feet line-of-sight to my Netgear R6250 access point.The Ring website states that the reason the Cam does NOT support 5 GHz and only supports 2.4 GHz is because 2.4 GHz has more range.While that may be 'technically' true, in reality, that ignores MIMO benefits, and Ring tech support requires such a ridiculously good RSSI (100% signal quality), that you actually can't get any 'increased' range -- And how close you need to be to the router (less than 10 feet for a Netgear R6250) anyway means that 5 GHz actually works MUCH better at 10 to 30 feet. The other half of the story is actual usable bandwidth.

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Finally, with a great RSSI (-32 to -40), tech support would now listen to me (and the quality of videos did not change).