Totally free sexting

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Although the state of Mississippi does not currently have specific sexting statutes, a person who takes, possesses, creates or distributes the image or images of a minor who is engaged in a sexually explicit action could be prosecuted under Mississippi’s child pornography laws.The state did attempt to create a sexting law, however the proposal did not pass.

Those who enforce the law must carefully consider cases between minors, as most child-pornography statutes have yet to catch up with digital technology.

Woods was sexting and cheating with over a dozen women—one of whom published more than 100 sexts she and Tiger allegedly sent one another via a personal website.

Finally, Bachelorette star, Emily Maynard, was caught sending racy text messages—while she was on vacation with her fiance’ Jef Holm—to Oakland Raiders quarterback Matt Leinart.

A person who takes, distributes, creates or possesses a photo of a sexually explicit activity of a minor constitutes has committed a felony offense under the Mississippi child pornography statues, and exceptions to these laws for minors do not exist.

This means that two minors who send one another sexually explicit images could be prosecuted under Mississippi’s child pornography laws, and, if convicted, could spend time in jail, and could be required to register as a sex offender for a very long time—in other words, their futures could be totally altered.

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Forty percent of teenage girls who sent a sexually suggestive message said they did it as a joke, 34 percent said it made them feel sexy, and 12 percent said they felt pressure to do it.

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