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Identity and Differ- ence, kinds of Opposition, 223.

Essence and Accident, Genus, Differentia, Species, 213.

CONTENTS OF THE FIRST VOLUME CHAPTER I THE LIFE OF ARISTOTLE Year of his birth, his family and youth, 2.

Zeller is so logical and clear that it has not been considered necessary to burden the translation with an exhaustive verbal index.

SO, for apodeictic read assertorial „ 249, n, 3, col.

3,/or corresponds with read assimilates to itself „ 335, n.

Form and Matter : the Actual and the Possible ; deduction of the opposition of Matter and Form, 340.

The Idea of Nature and the most General Conditions of Natural Existence Nature as the Cause of Motion, 417.

Zeller's sanction, and completes the series of volumes issued from time to time by Messrs. In most instances, however, both translators have revised the sheets. Zeller in a later note refers to the criticism of Torstrik ^ personal ties from giving to his philosophy that purely theoretic and impartial character which became its distinctive praise.^ The birth of Aristotle falls, according to the most probable reckoning, in the first year of the 99th Olympiad,^ ''The old accounts of Ari- stotle's life now extant are (1) Diogenes, v. All of these, except (ib), are to be found in Bu HLE, Arist. CHAPTER YI INTRODUCTORY INQUIRIES TOUCHING ARISTOTLE's META- PHYSICS The Categories : what they are and how they are deduced, 274. Criticism of previous attempts at its solution: the Pre-Socratics, 297. The operation of the Material Cause : Passivity, Natural Necessity, Contingency, 358. Matter and Form in relation to the principles of Individuality and Substantiality, 368. First Philosophy as the Science of Being : its Problem, 290. Fundamental Questions of Metaphysics, and their treatment by Earlier Philosophers : the chief problem of Metaphysics in Ari- stotle's time and his mode of presenting it, 295. The Ulti- mate Principles of Things, the One and the original Material, 321. / CONTENTS OF THE FIRST VOLUME xi CHAPTER VII METAPHYSICS — continued The Main Inquiry of Metaphysics The Individual and the Universal, 329. More accurate account of the opposition : the Actual and the Possible, 345. The Form in its three different aspects as Cause, 355.

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15 from bottom, after possibility insert comma „ 361, u.