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Www hi dating com

These people don't even have the decency to reply to emails anymore, and what's more to resolve an undertaking that they make in their fine print that contact details can be got or given to the women. No third parties have access to clients' data.

is the place to meet people from around the world for exciting communication and online companionship.

There is no instant way for you to close your account in their website. We approve the members to make sure that no one is misusing our platform and this situation looks really shady. Maybe it's not the ideal way to create a relationship but it's still fun to chat to so many chicks.

I decided to rename my profile as "CLOSED" and I deleted my pictures and I wrote in my profile "I just WANT TO CLOSE my account here and it seems the Live Support is USELESS" and I can't believe it there are still tons of guys messages talking life they haven't read my profile. It says you can communicate one of their representative in facebook and yet they disabled the message area (see screenshots below) Hello! All messages from this guy is via email so you need to buy credits that are sooo expensive!!! If i didnt see the other profile I would have been fooled longer. Please help us to protect the rest of community by reporting these members to customer support ([email protected]) I've tried the site out for a couple of months. It is good, but a lot of times I thought that I needed a freedom to set the distance and age of those who can see me - it lead to a few undesirable exchanges when I needed to tell people that I am going to be interested and they were really inciting on the reasons. You know when you have joined a few dating sites and it takes weeks to get anyone to even look at you? Well, be careful, if you really want a serious relationship this is not your platform, here is all about credits, every time you are asked to buy more, and of course in the meantime nothings develops with the girl.

they have all the same response either sad emoticons or ignored it and no single message goes to my email. That's why it is completely safe to use and that's why our users prefer to stay with us. And I can not to delete my profile there and stop it. And now I will go to take all money from my card and change that! The additional charges could happen if you used the service not included in the subscription.

so reading from reviews, well yeah I guess this is a scam,,,, and btw, I can't find the member id number that they are saying here... All online payments to us are safe and the credit cards details are not shown to any third party or even employes. offer me to pay 2.99 dollars for the possibility to answer the messages from men during month and when I agree it takes from my card 15.99 dollars in 5 minets and 15.99 dollars in 5 minets again!!!

Another person is Predrag from Podgorica, to whom I did the same, in his language, saying if you really are this person on this site full of fakes please give me your skype or whatever contact and his reply was: "why don't you say it simple, you don't have money" to which I replied, I have but I won't give it to you. We are so sorry to hear about your unsuccessful experience. We have a special verification team to check all our members are real.

Your assistance in this matter is highly appreciated. However, I have checked the communication you had with our customer support department and would like to confirm that your contact details have been passed to the members you mentioned. Best regards, Alex Is for real or just a scam with pictures of many supermodel made to make believe its real.

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Moreover, with these credits you can chat with a single girl only for 3 minutes. Please email our customer support or indicate valid member ID number to get clarification. Seriously, if it costs 0 for a conversation with someone and they're still taking it like you're on a free chat messaging service, either they don't care about you being forced to spend your money OR they're getting paid to talk to you. The women may be real but it's obvious--even with the ones professing their love--that they get paid for keeping you on the hook. The right person will come along and build a site which protects a person's privacy, provides a safe means to communicate, but allows an easy way to lift the veil, so to speak, so that consenting adults may speak freely like normal people in real life do. BTW, all the nice reviews about being able to flirt, etc.? Either you're a shill or your wallet's bigger than the rest of us.

Once someone sends a text, it costs 1 credit/minute to converse. I wanted to close my account and the Live Support is not responding.

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